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Nice to see Hansells is set

As a family, we have had a long association with Hansells. And to hear the news that its future is secured here in Masterton is fantastic news.

Alan Stewart deserves all the accolades that come his way. He could easily have just retired and moved on. But his obvious love for this company and his dedication should be recognised.

This company deserves the support of everyone, not only those that derive their income from it. Our local council also should support them in any way possible.

Manufacturers are few and far between. Many families that are now contributing in a positive way to our community can thank this company.

May this be the start of a new era for Hansells. And Mr Stewart, take a bow.

Richard Dahlberg

All too taxing

“Just as the Inland Revenue tax system taxes people on a higher income at a higher rate than those who earn less, Councils use the value of a property as a guide to people’s ability to pay.”

I quote SWDC Mayor Martin Connelly as reported in Wairarapa Times-Age, July 25, 2023.

Whilst the first part of his statement is a fact, the second part is an assumption and therefore cannot be justified as fact.

The Masterton Mayor Gary Caffell, on National Radio, explained how the council worked to reduce their original contemplated 14 per cent rise to their eventual 6.2 per cent rise as struck to alleviate stress and come close to the rate of inflation.

Ron Mark, the Mayor of Carterton, on the same show, related how ratepayers who had paid $20,000 for their property now find themselves as pensioners with a $620,000 property and no income.

The old adage … “Asset Rich, Cash Poor” has never been so true and Carterton again, like Masterton, set rates at close to inflation.

The SWDC set a suggested rates rise of 10 per cent and asked ratepayers for feedback.

On the National Radio programme, Mayor Connelly blamed the final rates figure of 19 per cent rise on ratepayers, who he stated wanted the water budget increased.

Unlike Masterton and Carterton, no attempt was made to find savings to cover this and other increases; they were simply added to the original budget with no attempt being made to meet a figure close to, or slightly more than inflation.

I despair, because Mayor Connelly appears not to care.

Clem Beck

Roger Parker
Roger Parker
Roger Parker is the Times-Age news director. In the Venn-diagram of his two great loves, news and sport, sports news is the sweet spot.

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