Terms of Use

Wairarapa Times-Age Print and Digital Subscriptions
Copyright in the content is owned by National Media Ltd (t/a Wairarapa Times-Age).  No content may be reproduced, published or transmitted in any manner without the prior written consent of National Media Ltd (t/a Wairarapa Times-Age).  All Print or Digital Subscriptions and content provided are for personal use and cannot be used for any commercial or news purposes.  You may not on-sell subscriptions or content to any third party.

All subscription prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.  You can pay for your subscription by internet banking, credit card, direct debit, or at any of our agents (see below).  All prices are inclusive of delivery costs.

Wairarapa Times-Age Agents
Carterton – Smith Hare & Christison
Greytown – Fresh Choice
Featherston – SuperValue

You agree to pay your account by the due date shown on your invoice/statement.  If you dispute any content of your invoice/statement you will need to inform us within 21 days of the date of the invoice/statement.  Failure to pay by the due date may incur late fees and you will be liable for all and any costs related to recovery and collection by a third party for debt collection.

Notification of any price changes will be sent to you via post or email at least one month in advance. For customers who pay in advance, price changes will take effect on the renewal of your subscription.

Direct Debit
Direct debit is the easiest way to pay your newspaper invoice, with the amount due debited automatically from your bank account or credit card on the 15th day of each month. The amount debited each month will only change when you suspend your home delivery while on holiday or we credit you for a missed delivery.  Please note, as this is a “recurring” payment method, no surcharge will apply when using your credit card.
By signing and returning the Direct Debit Form you grant Wairarapa Times-Age a direct debit or continuous credit card authority.
Download the Direct Debit Form here, fill it in with your details and email the form back to circulation@age.co.nz.

Renewing your subscription
Your subscription will not expire and will renew automatically into the next subscription period.  This means we will continue to deliver and charge you for such deliveries until you notify us to stop delivery.

You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time.  Any payments made in advance will be refunded unless you have signed up to one of our Gift with Subscription promotions (see terms and conditions; Gift with Subscription), in which case no refunds will be issued.

If your paper cannot be delivered due to production or distribution issues out of our control we will issue a credit for the value that we have charged or redeliver where possible.

Temporary Stops and Holiday Packs
When going on holiday you will need to contact our office no less than 24 hours prior to the date you wish to suspend delivery.  Suspended deliveries will be issued with a credit in your next subscription cycle.

If you have access to WTA Digital please advise if you would like this service to continue while you are away.  Please note that if you choose to continue your access to WTA Digital your subscription account will be charged at the normal rate for the duration of your temporary stop.

We can keep your newspapers until you return from holiday ready for you to pick up from our office.  This service will be charged at 50% (half price) what you currently pay so that you can keep up with what’s happened in your absence.

Publishing Days
Wairarapa Times-Age is published Monday – Saturday throughout the year, except Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Gift with Subscription (Print only)
Offer applies to a new 4 month, 6 month or 12 month Wairarapa Times-Age print subscription, Monday to Saturday home delivery only.
Each new six-day Wairarapa Times-Age print subscription will receive one free gift, only if/when advertised.
Your free gift will be available for pickup after payment of your first 4 month, 6 month or 12 month invoice has been received and processed.
If you cancel your Wairarapa Times-Age print subscription prior to the end of your nominated subscription cycle, no refunds will be given.
Stocks are strictly limited. Wairarapa Times-Age reserves the right to substitute the advertised gift with an equivalent product.

Wairarapa Times-Age Digital Subscriptions
These are the terms and conditions that apply to your digital newspaper subscription and relate specifically to digital newspaper subscriptions obtained on the Pressreader platform. In these terms and conditions the subscriber is referred to as “you”, and the Wairarapa Times-Age is referred to as “WTA”, “we” or “us”. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. By subscribing to have a WTA digital edition newspaper delivered to you (which is referred to as “Wairarapa Times-Age Digital”), you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Starting your subscription
Once your subscription has been confirmed and has commenced, you will receive a copy of Wairarapa Times-Age Digital Monday to Saturday except on Good Friday and Christmas Day.

A digital subscription entitles you to access an exact digital replica of the print newspaper.

By accepting the Wairarapa Times-Age Digital offer you are authorising the Wairarapa Times-Age to debit your credit card with a single payment equivalent to the cost of your digital subscription each month, or every 6 months or 12 months during your subscription period.  The authority to debit your account will remain valid until you have contacted us to cancel your Wairarapa Times-Age Digital subscription.

Renewing your subscription
Your subscription to Wairarapa Times-Age Digital will not expire and will renew automatically into the next subscription period.  This means you will continue to receive Wairarapa Times-Age Digital and we will continue to charge you for Wairarapa Times-Age Digital until you notify us to stop your digital subscription.

Viewing Wairarapa Times-Age Digital
Wairarapa Times-Age Digital can be viewed via desktop, tablet or smartphone device.  Tablet and smartphone device viewing requires the installation of a free app which can be found by searching for Wairarapa Times-Age Digital on iTunes/Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The Digital Edition is available to view from 5am (NZ) each day. Back issues of up to three months remain available for view throughout the duration of the subscription on desktop only.  Back issues of two weeks remain available for view throughout the duration of the subscription on tablet and smartphone devices.

You must have internet access to be able to view Wairarapa Times-Age Digital via desktop and to download editions via the app on a tablet or smartphone device. Wairarapa Times-Age Digital via the app can be accessed offline once editions have been downloaded over an internet connection.

Unsubscribe/Cancel Subscription
To unsubscribe from your newspaper service, please contact customer support.  If you cancel your subscription and payment, you will not be able to access your Digital Edition after the end of the current subscription period. Pro-rata refunds are not available for cancellations requested within the payment period.