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Who runs our hospital is important

In response to Steven Joyce’s opinion [Times-Age Monday 15, January], he says, “Who cares who runs the schools or hospitals?” Well, Mr Joyce, I do after a recent visit for minor surgery at a private hospital, which I very much appreciated but could not believe the waste of money and the number of “Attendants” doing little or nothing there. Wandering about offering cups of tea and biscuits!!

Before going to have my small operation, we had at least 10 phone calls from the hospital asking us the same questions and telling us the same stories about what would be happening; the same Attendants were not able to take blood pressure correctly, and one of the last questions was and How are you going to pay for this?

Sorry, Mr Joyce, if private folk or companies begin to run the neglected hospitals as they were for the 10 years when National was in power, I do care!

Val Rait


More opinions wanted

There seems to be a lack of balance in the letters to the editor. The majority of contributors are male, whereas seemingly women who write in are largely ignored, as are minority groups. If this is to be regarded as a community newspaper, then please publish a wider range of opinions that reflect this.

Cheryl Cavanagh


Disappointment over boy racer’s comments

As one who in their teens would have been classed as a hoon by many, I’m disappointed by many of the comments made re the recent carnage caused by so called boy racers. Comments such as ‘you are just complainers’; ‘they need to let their hair down’. ‘Leave them be’. I wonder how our young police officers who were abused, had bottles, etc, thrown at them feel about these irresponsible comments. Yes, our young do need an outlet. Skid pads, etc, in a controlled environment, perhaps. But who caries the can if injuries happen? This would be one issue. If these idiots were given free rein, as some would wish, what next? Ignore ram raids, vandalism and more by saying let them be. I think not. I wonder if those who suggest letting them be would feel the same if a police officer knocked on their door and said that one of their own had been injured or killed during one of these incidents. Perhaps food for thought. Fun, yes, but at least consider the cost to those not involved. Last thought for those who say cops should stay away. I would bet that you would be on the phone real quick if you were placed in danger by a similar incident.

Richard Dahlberg



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