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I tried to run, but couldn’t hide from virus

Last week, I was hit with a fourth wave.

It wasn’t the same type of wave that bowled me over while swimming at Mount Maunganui in 2009 [I wish!] but New Zealand’s fifth covid-19 wave, which led to my fourth infection.

I spent six long days throwing a pity party for myself after catching the still here and still potentially deadly virus, having taken my young, fit, and healthy body for granted.

I vowed to myself that a deluge of complaints about how awful having covid-19 is would never pass my lips or end up in an editorial, but here I am, about to narrate my past week from hell.

Although everyone reacts differently to covid-19, this time round was certainly one to write home about.

Just when I thought getting covid-19 again was unlikely and believed that the days of having to roll up a sleeve and arm myself with a booster were gone, I have now come to the realisation that the virus ebbs and flows but never entirely goes away.

It was just the day before getting sick that I was able to go for a run and bring all my groceries inside in one go.

I thought I was indestructible.

However, after trying to get a full night’s rest, I woke up with a fever and chills, and the feeling of being energised was replaced by extreme fatigue.

Initially, I couldn’t even seem to occupy myself. I had no energy or motivation to read, write, or do anything productive.

Luckily, by the third day, my symptoms began to slowly subside, and my appetite for real food came back.

Before contracting the virus once again, it had become just so much white noise to me and many other Kiwis and people around the world.

Speaking for myself, I was sick of having to worry about getting covid-19, but it turned out this didn’t mean I was safe or that it had gone away.

For many people, the time of lockdowns and the pandemic have become a distant memory, but there still are deaths every day from covid-19.

So, why am I telling you about my experience?

Because I don’t want you to be like me and think you’re in the clear. Because this virus is still around, and it isn’t enjoyable when you catch it.

Because we don’t know who has it and who does not, and not everyone has the resources to test for it.

As of yesterday, covid-19 has been the cause of or a contributing factor in the deaths of 3596 people in New Zealand.

Although these days there are lower case numbers, hospitalisations, and deaths compared with the height of the pandemic, covid-19 still poses a threat, especially to the elderly and those who have other serious health problems.

But on a more positive note, every cloud has a silver lining and, as those around me have been saying, it’s better to have caught it [again] before getting on the plane to move to the United Kingdom.

My name is Rebecca King and, sadly, I am not indestructible, so I’ll definitely be packing the hand sanitiser!


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