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Having cake and eating it too

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The news on the state of our planet just seems to go from bad to worse.

Now we are being told warming of the oceans is spreading dangerous diseases and affecting fish stocks and crop yields.

According to conservationists the world is completely unprepared for the impact this warming of the sea will have on wildlife, natural systems and on ourselves.

That I do not doubt, the frustrating part is what the hell can I do about it.

Climate change and global warming are frightening topics that most people don’t want to even think about let alone try to tackle but someone, somewhere has to and from what I can gather there are not too many putting their hands up.

Sure we read of world conferences and top level government meetings around the globe which always seem to end with pledges and promises, yet things continue to get worse.

It’s really a bit like having a cake on a plate that has been baked to last a week but at the end of the first day all but one piece is gone.

The hungry are all gathered round the plate knowing that if someone picks it up and eats it then they will all eventually starve but greed inevitably takes hold and a big, greedy hand reaches out and consumes it and to hell with everyone else.

The nations are gathered around our resources all promising to leave something on the plate but somehow the contents are being gradually gobbled up until they will all be gone and all that will be left is the dirty plate, or environmental pollution to give it a different name.

There are millions of ordinary people worldwide who have good intentions, who earnestly want to see our planet recover from the battering we have given it, to try at this eleventh hour to reverse the trend of destruction.

I like to think I am one of them, but therein lies the problem one, two, or several thousand are not enough.

But a few dozen politicians who have the power and the mandate to put the brakes on greed is likely to be enough to at least give earth a fighting chance.

Will we see that done? Don’t hold your breath, there’s still a few crumbs left on the plate..

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