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August 1 – Letters from our readers: Let’s all get out and vote

Ratepayers and citizens must be congratulated for allowing candidates the opportunity to answer questions, the same questions are put to all. No bias. One candidate seems to have absolute faith and chooses not to participate. Freedom of choice.

No matter who you support it’s good to hear what people stand for.

Times-Age while not allowing comments, is at least doing much the same.

We now are or should be aware of sitting councillors who used such means to get elected and so shall they be judged.

New candidates need to be challenged and asked exactly where they stand on many issues.

There will be fewer elected members, and this could lead to outcomes that are far from desirable.

A split vote on the mayor’s role is a distinct possibility, and a low turnout will definitely advantage the more right faction.

I would like to implore our media to encourage those who see elections as something others care about., to make the effort to cast a vote. It should not be treated as a right but more of an obligation, to our and our youths’ future.

Richard Dahlberg


Unsure? Go find out

Interesting to read the reactions of our mayoral candidates, some of whom were unsure whether Maori wards will increase Maori participation as candidates and or voters.

To those who are not sure, go to Maori directly whether it be in a hui or in everyday life and ask what needs to be done to overcome reticence, hesitation, and the barriers to rectify this lack of participation in urban society.

Cheryl Cavanagh



So confusing

So we all need to drive EVs because of the carbon produced by the combustion engine, we need to plant trees for carbon credits, stop using coal in our power stations, and find a way for our cows to stop belching and farting.

But it is okay that Bathurst Resources [coal mining company] which are 85 per cent internationally owned , extracted 1.9 million tonnes of coal from New Zealand mines last year, making super profits for their mostly offshore shareholders.

Our Government will allow an offshore company to strip our resources for overseas sales because we don’t want to burn that dirty stuff here.

Bathurst Resources has only done this because the Government couldn’t make Solid Energy run at a profit and sold it.

Does seem weird that I’m made to feel guilty driving my diesel ute when the Government can close its eyes to what’s been stripped out of our landscape.

Aaron Slight


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