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SH2 speeding fines accelerate

People are continuing to flout current speed limits on SH2 between Featherston and Masterton, with almost 500 offenders apprehended so far this year.

A police spokesperson confirmed exclusively to the Times-Age this week that the speeding drivers were caught both in person and on camera, with some facing prosecution.

A total of 494 tickets on the route have been issued since 1 January.

“Motorists’ speeds on SH2 between Featherston and Masterton are monitored as part of police’s national strategy to reduce speed on rural roads,” the spokesperson said.

“While most motorists are following sign-posted speed limits, there are still some who are not doing so.”

Police have issued 424 speeding infringements along that stretch of SH2, and an additional 70 mobile safety camera tickets. Three people are currently facing charges for speeding offences in the same area.

The news comes after the Minister of Transport Simeon Brown recently revealed the government is reviewing the 80kmh speed limit on part of the route. The speed was reduced from 100kmh to 80kmh in January last year, a move that caused widespread local comment and criticism.

Craig Bowyer – a Masterton district councillor who is also chair of the Wairarapa Automobile Association [AA] – reminded drivers that although speed limits on the route are being reviewed, 80kmh is the current speed limit.

“While the speed limit is getting reviewed, it will take time,” he said.

“The current speed limit of 80kmh is the law. AA members in Wairarapa feel the current speed limit needs to be reviewed and the new government has said it will do that.

“It’s good to see the police out there ticketing speeding drivers.”

Bowyer noted that slow drivers can also cause risks: “People doing 70kmh on SH2 can lead to reckless behaviour by other drivers.”

Last month the Times-Age reported that. although the speed limit on SH2 between Masterton and Featherston was reduced from 100kmh to 80kmh in January last year, only the stretch between Masterton and Carterton is presently being reviewed.

Brown told the Times-Age that a review of the SH2 speed limit was already underway after he announced the timeframe for a new Land Transport Rule last month.

“I have been advised by NZTA that they are currently undertaking a review of speed limits on State Highway 2 in Wairarapa,” he said.

“This is welcome news, and I look forward to the outcome of this review.”

Brown did not give a timeframe for decisions on any speed changes.

“The coalition government is moving at pace to deliver on our commitment to reverse Labour’s blanket speed limit reductions by signing a new speed limits rule by the end of this year,” he said at the time.

“The new speed limits rule will require blanket speed limit reductions on State Highways and local roads to be reversed, except where it is unsafe. It is too early to comment on speed limits on individual roads.”


  1. Nobody asked us whether we wanted the NZTA to lower speed limits. They never met a speed limit they didn’t want to lower or a passing lane they didn’t want to do away with. Time to tell them where to head in.

  2. I agree with Michael. Wonk. Kotahi . don’t have any Serious Experience in the MAIN causes of Road Ax,s. Tow &. Salvage Operator since I was 18. Family Business since 1950. 55.Yrs.on my own Acc.as a Licensed T/Port Contractor. Most Towies can tell U.the causes of Road Carnage. I’ve attended over 2500.since 1974. Incl.over 100. Fatals! 1) Not driving to the conditions! 8. Sunny Days. Wind &. Rain all night: drive over the Tuka’s the next day the same! 4/5. Ax,s.that day! 2) Driving while distracted. Not just Fone, Coffee, T/Aways. Maccas: even put a Stupid Ad.on with the “Driver” one ha nd on the wheel, looking left for more chips!! But other stuff: went to Fatal on Hill 8.Yrs.ago. Mum turning to rear of Vehicle trying to quieten 3x.quabbling kid’s in back seat. Crossed C/Line &. Under front of M/T. Log Truck &. Trailer returning from Port! Kenworth
    0. Mitsi. Minus 3.! Just a waste! Pull over at next Lay By.! 3) Alcohol &. Drugs. Frustration &. Anger causing Road Rage! Never had it in 1975.when I was 25. Speed about 5th.down the list in my 50.Yrs. Experience. Me Trucks only last 30.&. Car VS. Truck is Never a Win for the Car. Money from fines needs to go into Driver Ed. Rather than Fine them Make them do a Defensive Driving Course. That will cost them anyway. Lost Hours, Wages etc. Thanks for reading it. In my 50. Yrs. I’ve only saved 2.! If I could save another, well, it would be worth this Dyslexic Drivers 1.Hr.penning this. ( Had Help.) Thanks. Davy.R.S.Tow.

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