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Reduced speed limits on SH2 likely


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Reduced speed limits along the dangerous stretch of State Highway 2 between Masterton and Carterton may be coming soon after a meeting between Carterton councillors and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Carterton Mayor John Booth made an “impassioned plea” for reduced speeds at the meeting on Friday because of frequent crashes.

“I got up to speak about the frustrations we have about the safety of the stretch of SH2 between Carterton and Masterton – particularly the concerns about the Norfolk Rd intersection,” he said.

Booth argued for NZTA to reduce the speed limit along the dangerous sections until a more permanent solution could be enacted.

“As a short-term measure while they get their plan done, I’ve pushed to bring in speed restrictions from south of Norman Ave through to the Waingawa Bridge. I don’t know what speed it would be though.

“The only way we can [make it safer] is to reduce the speed to give people more time. If there was an accident it would lessen the damage.”

NZTA seemed to listen, Booth said, saying it had been a “positive” hearing despite limited funding.

He said NZTA hoped to come to the community with their plan in September and would want to consult on it before finalising.

“They are going to do their best to minimise the risk by looking at putting a speed restriction in place in the meantime.”

Earlier this year, residents expressed frustrations with the lack of action after a spate of crashes reignited the issue, the most recent of which occurred less than two weeks ago at the Norfolk Rd intersection.

Questions and concerns about the string of accidents along SH2 were raised at a council meeting earlier in June, prompting the councillors to take their concerns to NZTA.

Deputy Mayor Russell Keys said they were “very lucky” accidents which had a lot of potential to be more serious.

NZTA figures show that 17 people have been seriously injured in crashes on the road between Masterton and Carterton from 2007 to 2016.


  1. Ridiculous! Speed limits cannot be reduced if nz (and wairarapa) want to be competitive with the rest of the world. With progress speed limits should increase to add to efficiency not reduce otherwise our cost of production will increase and the quality of commuters lives as well; From carterton 70km/hr to clareville rounabout at clareville 100km/hr to norfolk road corner where there is another big roundabout and 70km/hr limit into masterton (all the way between no r/h turn onto sh2 which will inconvenience very few locals but remove the risk to all) problem solved; really the people here are morons (as for budget state highways have to be improved let all of the lesser roads degrade and reduce limits on them to 80km/hr if necessary)

  2. Speed not the problem. Problem is the inattention of drivers….. slowing down the traffic will make zero difference to the people, except they will possibly be less attentive as speeds are reduced.

  3. Large roundabout on Norfolk Road intersection. Most problems are trucks pulling out into gaps that aren’t there…

  4. As an ex Mastertonian now living in Australia it’s a great concern. I’m guessing the main accident area is where speed limit is already reduced to 80ks where cars are turning right onto highway if that’s the case has roading authority considered to alter road configuration traffic flow for right turning traffic to only have to watch for oncoming traffic only in right turning path as they have a major accident corner in SA and they have done just that. Obviously they may have already considered that but it hard to explain road configuration without drawing a diagram. Thanks.

  5. Maybe it would be good with better roads between masterton -carterton
    Speed itsnt the only reason for crashes
    Two lanes north and south
    And overbridges at Norfolk rd
    Intersection as well as at ngamataua/ sh2 intersection would help have seen these in Europe

  6. Why are you screwimg 95 % of the. Better drivers when the crashes are caused by
    A the few impatient people. Stop blaming the roads . ARE YOU EXPERTS not smart enough to know that a car or road has never killed anyone. I doubt it very much 8 7h


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