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Naysayers proved right on day one

Several cars in the new cycle lane. PHOTO/SAM TATTERSFIELD

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The northbound stretch of State Highway 2 between Masterton’s northern roundabout and the pedestrian crossing on the north side of the Waipoua River bridge became one lane on Friday, and the problems are already piling up – literally.

Photographs taken just after 3pm showed queues, as well as many people driving on the new bike lane, to get passed traffic queuing to turn into Te Ore Ore Rd.

At one point, a school bus entered the bike lane.

A cyclist, seemingly a pupil heading home from school, didn’t bother with the new bike lane, sticking to the footpath.

Traffic was still flowing freely through the roundabout, but queues were building up over the bridge during what was only after-school traffic.

The lane change was intended to make the pedestrian crossing on the bridge safer, but a major criticism when the plan was discussed by Masterton District Council in March last year was that the crossing was redundant anyway – the school it was intended to serve closed in 2003.

Mayor Lyn Patterson agreed the crossing wasn’t needed, and the plan to make the stretch of road one lane was called “insane” by Councillor Deborah Davidson.

NZTA delayed the work to allow further discussion with the council.

Council spokeswoman Shanna Crispin said on Firday the council could not immediately comment on the layout change.

NZTA Regional Transport Systems Manager Mark Owen said it took a while for people to get used to new road layouts.

“We ask that everyone drives extra carefully while people get to know this new layout.”

Owen said NZTA would monitor the layout, “to ensure that it delivers the improvements to safety and efficiency that we expect it to”.


  1. It still amazes me the maths that are not done. Put the cyclist on the foot path you say why fine here is the math.
    1500 kilo car versus 100 kilo cyclist = blood smeared ,bones broken and head stone ordered. 100 kilo cyclist against 100 kilo pedestrian = large amount of cursing maybe a broken bone and a large box of chocolates sent as apology and no deaths. Death VS. No Death which is greater or equal to better solution

  2. Hypocrisy as usual no clue people that use road have a clue but falls on deaf ears .person that said it would be great benefit . Should be made to drive at peak hour for a week see how that works for them

  3. this new single lane is dangerous. I use it every day to get home from school, and now because it is a single lane the cars often end up stopped in the actual roundabout. I haven’t seen any cyclists using the lane, there were hardly any cyclists using the road/footpath before the new road layout. its a waste of money and it’s dangerous.

  4. Just another stupid decision for Masterton roads! They should have taken the crossing away – even more dangerous now ?

  5. At what cost to the rate payers has this this unnecessary work and consultant fees amounted to, and now that is shown to be more of a hazard to all road users, the cost to reinstate the road?
    Time for the council to be transparent in all their expenditures including consultant fees and the top management accountable for poor decisions when the public have voiced their concerns.

  6. If it’s a cycle lane..then why is it not thea after the crossing it’s broken yellow lines…I’m a keen cyclist and I’ll never use the bridge its safer in the bridge foot path..use your heads guys it’s a traffic jam..take crossing away.theas two on each side of roundabout. And one up top of main road..how about finishing the unfinished projects around the town instead of coming up with sill ideas that will never work ..

  7. It’s not an improvement at all! It’s a stupid idea. The crossing should have been taken out.

  8. Typical… another example of the “Clever Kiwi” syndrome!
    Obviously designed by someone without any experience of the junction!
    What a waste of money. It’s just up the road from that other joke they call Art!

  9. Hardly a surprise someone was cycling on the footpath since it was previously mentioned cars and a bus were on the cycle lane!

  10. NZTA has their heads in the clouds, they need to put the lanes back and remove the pedestrian crossing, problem solved.

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