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Mystery death note

Police are on the hunt for two people who walked into the Night ‘n Day store in Masterton with a death note. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

‘We are going to play a dangerous game tonight and you might die’
Police uncertain if note was nothing more than a prank

Wairarapa Police are trying to determine whether a hand-written death note brought to the counter of the Night ‘n Day store in Masterton is a serious threat, or part of a foolish prank.

Police were called to the Chapel St store at 12.30am on Tuesday morning after two people walked in wearing the infamous ‘anonymous mask’ or ‘Guy Fawkes mask’ and presented a note to the store attendee saying: “We are going to play a dangerous game tonight and you might die”.

Despite the severity of the message, the pair’s following actions have been described as “odd” as they subsequently turned around and ran out of the store after delivering the message.

There were no further reports of robbery, threats, or injury.

Wairarapa Police Area Commander Inspector Scott Miller said the event was “very strange” to the point it was still unclear whether the note was specifically for the attendant.

“A couple of idiots have gone in there wearing a mask, and have just gone in and handed over a note and left,” he said.

“Nothing actually happened. There were no threats or any indication that anything’s been taken. It was just a stupid note, so it’s all pretty odd all right.”

Miller said the two offenders had fled by the time police arrived.

The Night ‘n Day attendant said he also found the ordeal odd, wondering if it was a prank.

“It was very confusing,” the attendee, who didn’t want to be named, said.

“As I went to serve one of them, I thought it was strange and wondered to myself does this guy think it’s Halloween? The next second he pulls out an unfolded note.

“As I was reading the note I got a bit angry and was ready to jump over the counter. I then said, ‘right, let the game begin’.”

The pair then ran out of the store with the note.

The attendant said he was happy to continue working his shift, despite the incident.

Miller said police were now reviewing CCTV footage to try and identify the two suspects, which was challenging, considering the pair were wearing masks.

He asked the community to contact police immediately if they knew anything that could lead to finding them.

“We don’t know if it’s some sort of game or an actual threat. Either way, if you know anything about it we’d like to know.”

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