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Masterton A and P no-show

The Masterton A and P Show was quieter than previous years. PHOTO/JADE CVETKOV

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Masterton A and P Show organisers will review the event after a disappointing turnout on the weekend.

Scenes at Saturday’s show contrasted sharply with October’s Wairarapa A and P Show in Clareville, which stopped traffic across the region.

Masterton A and P Association chairman Peter McWilliam said the society had not yet tallied up the gold coin entries from Saturday.

But McWilliam said he had been disappointed with foot traffic into Solway Showgrounds.

“We would have liked to see more foot traffic through the gate.

“We would have liked to have seen more of the townspeople come and see what was going on.”

Before the event, the committee had said it was considering ways to attract more people.

The weekend turnout meant that the show’s committee and board would consider linking up with other Wairarapa events, he said.

“We have to change our whole format if we’re going to continue with the show as it is.

“We probably have to align ourselves with another organisation or combine our show day to some other groups, so we can combine our show day with some other happenings.

“We have to attract more people.”

McWilliam said the equestrian side of it went very well.

“Our numbers were cut back a little bit, but we were very happy with that section.”

He said he appreciated the efforts of volunteers who had put in days of work to get the show together.

“It’s such a huge commitment, not only on show day but for the week or 10 days before.

“It’s just fantastic.”

The committee and board are set to debrief this year’s show at their next meeting.

Before the show, the A and P board was aiming to encourage greater use of the grounds and historic buildings by the Wairarapa community and more community involvement in the beautification of the showgrounds and development of the nearby bush and wetlands.

The board also hoped to continue to develop and enhance the equestrian facilities, the historic and heritage buildings, and the motorhome facility in the grounds.

A new group – Friends of Solway Showgrounds – would be formed with a view to encouraging more rural and urban community participation in future growth and development.

McWilliam said the new group would help with the show but also focus on the rest of the showground’s working life.

“There’s a lot more to the showgrounds than just the show,” he said.

“There’s many businesses who work there – we just want the townsfolk, particularly young people and young farmers, to get involved in the show.”


  1. I went last year with the kids and we were all very disappointed! I came with money to spend and couldn’t. Hardly any stalls (like 5 from memory) no real rides for the kids, (one thing with very long queues) nothing was on to watch (like show jumping etc), and the food choices where horrid (deep fried only and a long queue fortune two options)).
    Where’s as the A & P show at Clarevile is a fantastic day out.

  2. Guys, your advertising sucks.

    I saw no poster in town. I saw nothing on the community pages online.

    I love the A and P show but I never know when the hell its going to be on.

    It’s a bit of an expensive event too, if you really want to have a lot of fun, so it’s a good idea to let people know as in advance as you can so they can start putting funds together too.

  3. A and P shows are becoming a bygone era and unfortunately you are competing with Clareville. Time for your showgrounds to diversify into other things that will attract people and keep bringing them back. Eg: caravan and motorhome expo. Why do we have to go to Auckland to see this? Building and construction expo, a mini Mystery Creek farming event. Trade events selling the latest in all sectors not just farming. Time to start thinking outside the box.

  4. We didn’t go this year as the standard of the show had dropped dramatically over the last few years, the last time we went it felt like a sales yard for cars! There needs to be way more variety and an actual A+P show then maybe more people will visit.

  5. AP show?? Never saw it advertised, so did others I spoke to which is rather odd as they had a record attendance last year.

  6. There didn’t seem to be any advertising about it this year. I didn’t even know it was on or we would of gone along.

  7. 48 years ago we lived in Masterton and the show was always a starter for us
    My four year old son was sitting with us amongst a huge crowd to watch the Grand Parade when along came the beautiful majestic Clydsdales, In those days I wore a pair of fluffy slippers & in a loud “”little >boy “” voice he cried out”Look Mummy those horses have Fluffy slippers like you wear…..referring to their fluffy hair above their hooves!!!!
    He’s now 52 and this article about the poor crowd attendance brought back this wonderful memory.

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