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‘Heroes’ chase fleeing driver

Keegan Surridge, 20, and his brother Brock, 22. PHOTO/EMILY IRELAND

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Without shoes, and the other in a Tui shirt, Masterton brothers Brock and Keegan Surridge chased a man down the road after he smashed into a parked car at speed on Albert St, on Sunday night.

The driver, who was in an olive-green sedan, fled the scene on foot, police said.

Georgie Green, who lives with the Surridge brothers, along with flatmate Lia Curruthers, said they were sitting at home when they heard a screech of tyres at about 7pm.

“The green car just absolutely rammed the parked black car,” Green said.

The black car, which had been parked on the side of the road, was shunted into the middle, facing the other way around when police arrived.

“I ran outside and was like, oh my God, look at these cars,” Green said.

“I rang the police, and then the boys just absolutely bolted down the road after the driver.”

“Brock with his his bare feet, and Keegan with his Tui top on – off they went, how Masterton is that?” Curruthers said.

Keegan said he and his brother were in “hot pursuit” of the fleeing driver.

“We chased him up to the main road and then down Bentley St – we got pretty close to him but the next corner we came around, he was gone,” Brock said.

“I’m pretty sure he’s hidden in someone’s front yard, and we can’t go looking through people’s gardens.”

On Sunday night, police could not confirm whether the fleeing driver had been found.

Nearby residents said people often sped through Albert St and some suggested Masterton District Council should introduce speed bumps to the road.

“The council needs to do something about the cars that plough through,” one resident said.

“Either adding speed bumps or something to the streetscape.”

An hour later, residents, including the Surridge brothers helped police clean the street of broken glass.

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