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Helmet saves a life

Grant Gastmeier, left with smashed motorcycle loaded up after a young driver came off it on his way to Lake Ferry. PHOTOS/KAREN COLTMAN

Warning given to rural road users

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A full face helmet that “smashed” on impact is likely to be what saved a young motorcyclist’s life on Sunday.

The man landed in a ditch after coming off his bike at a dip on Lake Ferry Rd, a few minutes south of Pirinoa.

He smashed his helmet but remained conscious and was able to talk.

He was taken to Wairarapa Hospital at 12.30pm with moderate injuries and witnesses said his main injury was a broken shoulder.

The man was part of group of about 10 friends on a motorcycle ride from Upper Hutt to Lake Ferry and back for the day.

Not long before the crash, Grant Gastmeier’s bike had broken down a few kilometres further back.

He was trying to get it going again when he saw police and fire trucks go past.

“I felt it was going to be a motorbike accident – the guys were going pretty fast to be honest and had passed us not long ago,” Gastmeier said.

Emergency services at the scene of the motorbike crash just south of Pirinoa.

“He came off down in the bend and him and his bike landed in the ditch.

“His helmet is really smashed in. He is lucky that helmet saved him.”

The young man’s father was also part of the rider group.

Gastmeier said over his years of riding he had observed that this was sometimes how the “young ones” learned to be safer on their bikes.

Deputy principal rural fire chief Harry Howard said the man had a full face helmet and leather gear on and this would have prevented worse injuries.

He said rural Wairarapa roads were tricky and drivers needed to adjust their speeds.

“The dip he came off on is a tricky one and there are a few on Lake Ferry Rd but there are reduce speed signs and this one was down to 55kmh,” Howard said.

“This one is an unexpected dip and turn in the road, but you have to observe the signs out this way.

“The road varies.

“You can be on a straight stretch and then hit bends suddenly.”

Along with paramedics, police and fire crews from Martinborough and Greytown attended.

Firefighters helped paramedics get the injured man on to a stretcher and into the ambulance to be taken to hospital.


  1. Actually, authorities had all traffic stopped in both directions at this time in order to load the damaged bike, clear the road surface of any debris and oils before any additional accidents could occour. Hats of to a job well done.

  2. Great photo, unprotected crash / recovery scene,recovery vehicle in middle of lane,pedestrians in middle of road with backs to traffic. What is most dangerous at a crash scene, the SCENE itself. Often in the past, a vehicle has driven into a non injury crash scene which has resulted in a fatality.
    Been there

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