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Fireworks need balance, not boom

Chris Eichbaum with his dog Milly PHOTO/KERAN COLTMAN

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will read select committee reports from the three petitions to government calling for a ban of firework sales to the public.

But she said to the Times-Age on Thursday, the government was not looking to rule them out just now.

“The government is happy to look at the select committee findings as it is a good time to hear from the public again on the issue.

“It was very loud at my place and there are many young children in the neighbourhood. But it is a matter of getting a balance as in many places, fireworks are still enjoyed without issues,” Ardern said.

Masterton fire station duty officer Mike Cornford reported no incidents in Wairarapa over the fireworks sale period.

“On Tuesday night, there were no issues and no fires and that is just great,” Cornford said.

“We are really pleased as people were sensible, we hope it continues.”

This was far from the case elsewhere with a fire getting out of control at a public display in Palmerston North and several large fires beginning in public places in Auckland.

Since fireworks went on sale on Saturday November 2, Fire and Emergency New Zealand has attended 135 fireworks-related incidents.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand responded to 88 fireworks-related calls on Guy Fawkes on November 5.

On November 5, it was the loudness of fireworks in Chris Eichbaum’s Masterton neighbourhood that was most distressing for his pet Airedale, Milly.

“This year, the banging started midweek and earlier than usual. Milly was traumatised but we had her sedated.

“The loudness factor seems to be the main selling point targeted to young men these days.

“I really don’t think young children like the banging of these loud ones, in fact I pretty much think it encourages anti-social behaviour and has no redeeming features at all.”

Eichbaum started a petition for the ban, which gained nearly 18,000 signatures.

It is now with the governance and administration select committee.


  1. Ban them every dog in our street was barking my car was terrified. Every time we try to sleep boom my partner has eperleapsy and had seizures from being tired wakes up kids it’s dangerous ban them would like peace people around us been setting them of every night even durring the day must be bad on the environment to.

  2. Ban fireworks…animals suffer, children can,t sleep ,
    they are a fire hazard especially in areas where there is thick green growth such as bamboo.

  3. Fireworks must be banned.
    The problem is in our area (beach bach holiday area which is total fire ban over the summer) the fireworks continue up to Easter.
    We are surrounded by Doc land and dry farmland. We (the permanent residents) are worried about our safety and the welfare of our pets and farm animals.

  4. Ban them! Public displays only. A lot of people are just not responsible. We shouldn’t have fireworks going off throughout the night, people letting them off in the streets, for weeks, pets continually getting distressed and needing to be sedated, unnecessary fires and the fire service being overworked at this time of the year.
    Come on Labour, stop sitting on the fence! How are you going to get immature people to achieve ‘balance’ ? Be real.

  5. Private use of fireworks causes multiple problems.
    Sound disturbing people and pets.
    People keeping fireworks to use throughout the year.
    Fireworks must produce carbon we are trying to get carbon zero according to the government.

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