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Dumping downer for community

Te Awhina Cameron Community House co-ordinator Donna Gray and volunteer ‘Nan’ are angry about rubbish being dumped at their doorstep. PHOTO/EMMA BROWN

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A community garage sale may close due to more rubbish dumping at Te Awhina Cameron Community House over the weekend.

Co-ordinator Donna Gray said when they came in on Monday a pile of rubbish was out the front and this wasn’t the first time it had happened.

“We are open.

“People can come in and ask us if we can take it, if we have room we often say ‘yes’.

“If it is rubbish, then dump it.”

She said the items dumped were not salvageable.

There were rotten and mouldy couches, carpet and a desk.

“It’s disgusting.”

Gray said it was frustrating because the small amount raised from the garage sale was going to dump fees rather than helping people.

She understood that dump fees were expensive but if people kept dumping rubbish then they would be closing the garage doors.

She said people should come in and talk to them, rather than dump their rubbish at their door.

“There is always a way around it. Come in and get advice if you’re needing help, just come in and ask us.

“We worked hard to get this place working well.

“We see this as another hiccup.”

The queen of the garage sale, known only as ‘Nan’ said, the community rely on the garage sale.

She said those volunteering at the garage sale did it because they loved it.

“You get a good feeling helping someone who is where you used to be.”

Gray said the garage sale was an important tool for the community – not only for those who purchase cheap items but also those who volunteer.

In the past year she said 11 of the volunteers went into work because of the confidence gained from dealing with money and people.

“It is a good place to work and a good place to learn to relate to all levels of people,” Nan said.

“Just look at the name of the place.”

“A place to help whoever, whatever their situation, whenever and however they can.

“That is what it is to me.”

Gray said since posting about what happened on their Facebook page, they have had a few people message to offer help with getting rid of the rubbish.

A Masterton District Council spokesperson said the dumping “was rubbish in more ways than one”.

They said it was “obviously unacceptable” and as with any rubbish dumping, they will work to identify where the rubbish came from and then take action against the dumper.


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