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Deadly crash in Masterton


Wairarapa road toll rises to four

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A woman died and three others were injured when a car crashed on High St, in Masterton, on Wednesday night.

Emergency services were called to the scene, just outside the entrance to South Park at about 9.30pm.

The car was travelling south when it hit the park’s brick-and-iron entrance.

The female driver died at the scene.

Fire, ambulance and police cordoned off the area and the Serious Crash Unit was called.

The crashed vehicle being removed from the scene. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

There were four occupants in the vehicle, all whom were injured during the crash.

The Life Flight helicopter landed in the park bordering the crash and two of the passengers were airlifted to Wellington Hospital – one in a critical condition and one is a serious condition.

They are both now in a stable condition.

The third passenger, a 22-year-old female, was taken to Wairarapa Hospital.

It is the fourth road death in Wairarapa this year.

A bystander who did not want to be named said they heard a very loud bang and saw the crashed car.

“It was a pretty horrific scene. I saw about three people on the ground and there were about seven other people there helping. It was pretty serious.”

The scene was cleared, and the road reopened just before 4am.

Detective Senior Sergeant Haley Ryan said the cause and circumstances were being investigated by police.

Police confirmed the crash did not happen during a police chase – which had been speculated on social media.

Police said they would like to hear from anyone who saw the accident if they had not yet spoken to police.


  1. Re police chasing drivers: regardless of whether they have a rego or not – by catching the offending driver they have ‘truth’ and ‘immediate’ dealing with the issue. If they wait, use the rego, track the vehicle address and go visit the driver – then it becomes “after the fact” and it is not always possible to correctly identify the driver. It is also not possible to correctly identify the occupants of the vehicle ‘after the fact’. Catching the offenders at the time of the incident means there is factual evidence. Not catching them means that evidence is circumstantial only and it rarely stacks up in court.
    I understand that it’s frightening, dangerous, often very loud and ‘inconvenient’ for people to witness -but police don’t do it for ‘fun’ because they “see it in the movies’! It would be worth remembering that police gift their own lives, and put their own safety ‘secondary’, every day, to protect and defend the safety of every citizen in their care.
    Regardless of whether or not people think they’re doing ‘a good job’ – they’re still out there, doing The Job. Would you do it? I wouldn’t, and I’m thankful that Somebody does! They undergo rigorous training for high speed chases,have limits and procedures, and believe me – they DO NOT enjoy the need to have to do it!! It is a pain in the butt, it creates Mountainous form-filling, processing of reports, time in court and then there is the stress, personal safety and the behaviour of the offending morons, once caught, that also puts police in all kinds of danger (eg: infectious diseases, abuse, physical trauma and stress)
    There is more ‘big picture’ thinking required to fully understand why procedures are as they are. Be thankful that they are willing to do this to protect You and Your property. It is Not police who are selfish, inconsiderate or whatever – it is the moronic imbeciles who think it is ‘fun’ to behave antisocially and selfishly do “what the f I want to do, stuff everybody else, so long as I’m happy who cares” attitudes. If they can’t control their arrogant behaviour then at least we have police who have the guts to become cops in the first place, who will help to restrain and deal with these lowlife amoeba.
    Instead of criticizing them, why not do something more community spirited and get out there and support them – join a community watch group, report inconsiderate and anti-social behaviour and learn to respect authority, teach respect for authority and ensure that you behave better than those who are being chased!
    It obviously needed spelling out in words that would be understood – even though a long reply, I hope it hits the target!

  2. Hey Anon and Anderson..
    Go stand in front of a mirror, now smile, now cringe
    Whats the difference.? and your up close.!!!

  3. I have to ask what is the policy of police in the area regards chasing vehicles? I ask this because on Sunday morning I witnessed a police car chasing a white yute at very high speeds through the residential streets off of Corwall St… this was around 10am. I could see no way that the police car could halt the yute, but the driver of the police car (who appeared to have a huge gleeful smile on his face!!) seemed absolutely determined to continue the tyre-squealing, high-speeds regardless of the area through which they were both travelling. I am all for idiotic drivers being reprimanded for their anti-social and dangerously selfish driving habits, but I do not expect the police to be counted within that group – sadly on Sunday morning last, I was proven wrong. I wonder how exactly the driver of the police car expected to halt the vehicle – they already had its licence plate and details about it… perhaps they think that those police chases they see on American TV where the police car forces the offending car and driver off the road is a viable option… I honestly don’t know what they were thinking. but I don’t wish to see it again. There is enough danger on the streets already without adding to it… no matter how happy it makes the police to have somebody to chase. Masterton needs less idiots on the road, regardless of whether they wear a uniform or not.

    • If you have something to say, In this instance, and your description why is it necessary for you to be annonymous..Do not stir the pot if this is your intention…police rarely have a gleeful look on their face when it comes to their job and the lives of others…time to grow up..

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