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Crash victim and hero dog face housing challenge



It is difficult not to look towards the end of the bed where the fall of the blankets show that one leg ends abruptly below the knee.

After a car crash in June, the strongest antibiotics available could not stop the infection in Masterton woman Kerry Jordan’s ankle and two weeks ago she was moved from Palmerston North to Lower Hutt Hospital for lower leg amputation.

She suffered multiple injuries when her car crashed off the Pahiatua Track on June 13. She was not found for four days after the crash with her dog, Pat, credited with saving her life.

Pat has been Jordan’s best friend and loyal companion for five years, but the pair have been separated since her rescue.

“Pat and I are a team, he is my soul mate, I would do anything for him and him for me,” she said.

Jordan is reluctant to talk about the early morning trip to Palmerston North, in the crash, but is sure about one thing.

“Pat ran around barking, looking for someone to save me. If he hadn’t been there, I would have died.”

The car she was driving went through a fence and plunged 45 metres down a steep farm paddock before stopping by a patch of bush.

From the side of the road, the roof of the car was a small blue dot among the bushes.

Her friend, Lesley Gibson, cannot believe Jordan’s luck. She has visited the crash site and looked down the bank.

“If Pat hadn’t barked, they never would have found her. Not a hope. She would have died.”

One of Jordan’s friends had scrambled down the slope, stood by the crashed car and yelled as loud as he could, Gibson said.

“No one could hear him shouting at road level.”

Jordan’s friends are worried that once she has recuperated, it may be difficult to find her a home that will include Pat.

“There is a real need to house them together, they have a great bond,” Gibson said.

Jordan is working on getting back to normal.

It will be a long process, and she knows she will have to find somewhere else to live that is pet-friendly.

Her previous home was a caravan. It had steps and was too small to manoeuvre a wheelchair around inside. Until Jordan’s alternative housing is secured, Pat is being looked after by Jordan’s friends, with visiting rights to the hospital grounds.

Social housing is a scarce commodity in Wairarapa. A Masterton District Council spokesperson said that 30 people were waiting for council housing and although people with an existing cat could be accommodated, no dogs are allowed.


  1. have you looked at housing new Zealand and acc should fund a wet shower and ramps in there house all the best for your recovery xx

  2. The people who set the requriements / rules. Need to be in the shoes of this lady to understand her feelings. Unfortunately they never will. Shame on them!

  3. That’s crap…pets are part of peoples lives and homes….next it will be no babies or toddlers….

  4. That’s awlful i don’t have family my dogs are my life…seriously the council is crap uncaring and only focused 9n young idiots and lime scooters….if i had a bed sit or granny flat i would offer it at no charge….permanently!!

  5. Come on council help her thay are family I’ve had to live in my car with my 2 dogs until I find a home it’s just not funny what is going on to us .their are worse people out their than pets ..

  6. Council needs to get real and realise the importance to peoples health and happiness that dogs can provide.
    If we are allowed to keep dogs in New Zealand they should be allowed to be housed with their humans!

  7. Jordan’s dog is a hero, saved her life… just hope she can have Pat back with her again.. I would hate to be parted from my adorable dogs, they are my life, keep me sane at times, as Jordan’s dog would do with her. If Cats can be housed with their owners so should dogs. Must be an exception to the rules no Dogs? Good Luck..

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