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Crack down on footpath parking

A vehicle and trailer parked on a footpath and on the wrong side of the road. PHOTO/PAM GRAHAM

Masterton District Council is cracking down on people who park cars on footpaths.

An agenda for the strategic planning and policy committee meeting yesterday said council staff have noticed an increase in the number of vehicles parking on footpaths in urban areas.

“This restricts access for footpath users and can force people on to the road, presenting a safety risk, or into private property,” the agenda says.

Staff will be placing “friendly reminders” on offending vehicles asking them to consider pedestrians and park appropriately.

Staff can take further action if owners continue to park inappropriately.


  1. I complained to the council some time ago about house buses vans and cars parked on the footpaths and burns on river road and received a very negative reply from the council despite informing them the bus owners were
    running a power cable out of a window, across a lawn over a metal fence across the footpath and under the bus to to its input. Remained so for months, laying across the footpath even in the rain. Bus half parked on the birn obstructing council mower.

  2. Bad example. The vehicle with trailer pictured is only blocking the grass strip, not the sealed footpath so it’s leaving more road space for passing vehicles than if it was parked fully on the road and plenty of room for foot/scooter traffic. Mower obstructed ? I’m sure it’ll be clear before the grass grows again. Partly blocking the driveway entrance sure, which used to be ( still is?) an offence even if it’s your own entrance. ( Think emergency vehicle access. )

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