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Cowley sides with ‘fine bishop’

Joy Cowley says the Catholic Church is displaying a “suicidal resistance” to married priests. PHOTO/NZME

A prolific children’s author says she is sorry for women who had sexual relations with a Catholic Bishop, but that she has seen young women flirt with priests.

“Do they think that a vow of celibacy guarantees immunity?” asked Joy Cowley, in an online post in response to the resignation of Palmerston North Bishop Charles Drennan.

Charles Drennan resigned as bishop of the Palmerston North diocese last week admitting inappropriate sexual behaviour with a young woman.

An older woman several years ago made a confidential complaint about him.

Cowley, a Catholic great-grandmother in her 80s, also writes books on spirituality.

The pope should have said “who am I to judge”, a phrase he is famous for, rather than accept Bishop Drennan’s resignation, she wrote online at CathNews New Zealand.

Her primary target was celibacy for priests.

“I am sorry that a reputable magazine connected with the church, should send emails to subscribers giving details of Bishop Charles Drennan’s resignation,” she said.

“I am sorry that Pope Francis didn’t offer his famous response: ‘Who am I to judge?'”

In her post online she says: “Catholic laity are generally understanding about priestly indiscretion.

“We know that a hungry man cannot be judged for stealing a loaf of bread.”

Cowley said she was sorry that the church was losing a very fine bishop.

“I am also sorry for the women concerned. But I have seen how young women flirt with priests.

“Do they think that a vow of celibacy guarantees immunity?

“Most of all, I am sorry that the church maintains a suicidal resistance to married priests.”

When she read about a priest charged with sexual abuse, she knew both abuser and abused were victims, she said, saying the celibacy system had failed.

She said the “blame game” was encouraged by the media feeding on sensational negative news.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church says a young woman who had a sexual relationship with Bishop Drennan could be paid compensation.

Cardinal John Dew said church officials have been in touch with the young woman “constantly’ to ensure she is being cared for.

He said counselling and a financial contribution is up to the diocese.

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  1. I suppose Cowley would be of this opinion, given she married a priest. As for blaming the women. Perhaps she is not aware of the bishop being something of a flirt himself.

  2. ThaTS a comment that Id expect more from a typical brainwashed member of the laity Joy.
    Next it will be rationalised thats its the childs fault that a priest sexually abused them.
    Sad, Sad, wake up. many of these people are guilty of committing or covering up serious crimes.
    I have noticed that, although this church claims to preach the truth, its not so clever about accepting the truth about its offenders.
    i shake my head in sorrow!

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