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Carpark being used as toilet

Donna Laing said it was upsetting to see people urinating in public. PHOTO/BECKIE WILSON


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People urinating in a Masterton carpark situated between a preschool and a church is upsetting those working in the area.

Staff working near the private car park are fed up with the regular occurrence.

The Worksop Rd entrance to the carpark alongside the Cloud Kids Educare preschool, left, and the St Luke’s Union Church. PHOTO/BECKIE WILSON

An area between the St Luke’s Union Church and Cloud Kids Educare preschool on Worksop Rd seems to be an inviting place for those needing to go to the toilet — and not just to urinate.

The area that seems to be most appealing is next to a community vegetable garden that people off the street, churchgoers and preschoolers have access to.

Despite being only one block away from the nearest public toilet on Bannister St, some people do not seem to be bothered walking the extra distance.

And it has been happening for years.

Donna Laing, who works as a family support manager out of the same building as the preschool, has finally had enough of looking out her office window and seeing people urinating on the church walls.

“Firstly, it’s upsetting because it’s a church and a preschool — come on,” Ms Laing said.

“But secondly, it’s hygiene — the kids go over to the vege garden, and they are walking through all that.”

Ms Laing recently moved her office upstairs, where she has a view of the entire car park.

“It’s been ongoing, but over the past year to 18 months it has got worse . . . it’s hideous.”

A few times over the years, she has arrived at work to find someone had defecated

in the car park.

She does not know why people continue to urinate alongside the church, despite her best efforts to discourage them by yelling out her window and taking photos of them.

It is a range of different people, and equally men and women.

In the beginning, Ms Laing put up a sign saying “smile, you’re on candid camera” as she hoped the issue could be managed with humour, but it was beyond that now, she said.

“I just thought it was really disgusting, and is something I wanted people to know was going on to get talking about it so we can stop it.”

Cloud Kids Educare preschool supervisor Suzie Wilmshurst said it had been happening “on and off” for the seven years she had been working there.

“I think the arrogance has gotten worse,” she said.

She even offers them use of the toilet inside to prevent them urinating in front of the young children – “a lot of them don’t care.”

The children could be playing outside when someone comes in off the road.

“It’s gross… it’s indecent exposure.”

Under the Summary Offences Act 1981, a person who urinates or defecates in a public place is liable for a fine no more than $200.

It is a defence if the person proves reasonable grounds for believing they would not be observed.

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