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Capital motorists cashing in at Martinborough

Tom Wilson’s Allied Motors in Martinborough. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

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If you’re heading to Martinborough this weekend, you may have to fight off a few Wellington people at what could be the region’s cheapest petrol station.

Tom Wilson’s Allied Petroleum petrol station was on Thursday boasting a 91 octane price of only $2.039 per litre.

But by the evening, some stations in Masterton had bettered that, dropping their prices of 91 octane to $2.009 per litre and diesel to $1.3009.

Earlier in the day, Mr Wilson said his station had had the lowest prices for quite some time now, with its diesel costing only $1.339 per litre.

He said although his station was privately-owned, the mark-up on fuel was minimal and the petroleum companies dictated prices at the pump.

“Allied Petroleum is New Zealand-owned and is a new company in the market so they’re trying to be competitive,” he said.

He said the station had consistent sales throughout the week, but sold far more petrol during the weekends with fuel prices in the Wellington sky-rocketing to $2.229.

“We get people from Wellington who put $10 in their car and fill up while they’re over here.”

Mr Wilson said a lot of motorists had started using an app called Gaspy, which provides the location of the cheapest nearby petrol station based on prices entered by other motorists using the app.

Pirinoa and Pongaroa stations were also supplied by Allied Petroleum.

While their prices were slightly more expensive than Mr Wilson’s, they were still lower than the rest of the region at $2.059 and $2.089 per litre for 91.

Automobile Assocation principle adviser of regulations Mark Stockdale, said the cheaper prices at the three locations appeared to be due to the low-cost discount brand they operated under.

“We know these brands are cheaper because they have a low-cost operating model,” he said.

Unmanned petrol pumps tended to be cheaper, too, due to being located on smaller sites and having cheaper overheads.

He said even though the Pirinoa and Pongaroa stations were not centrally located, they would need to be “pretty remote” for location to be a factor that would drive up the price.

Missing from Wednesday’s regional petrol pump scan was Western Auto Mart on Ngaumutawa Rd, who are selling 91 at $2.12 per litre and diesel at $1.42.

Over the hill, prices at Caltex Remutaka are $2.299 for 91 and $1.669 for diesel.


  1. I am always “astounded” by petrol price variances.
    In Featherston the local, loyal, community garage is usually at least 6 cents cheaper than the first garage ocer the hill in Upper Hutt.
    Just recently spent the week in Christchurch for work. In 5 days of driving around the area, I only saw 2 garages cheaper than the standard 2.29c/litre. This is worse than Wellington where you can at least see small price changes between the brand’s.
    In Bulls and Levin and sometimes Hawera prices are seriously cheaper -by up to 15c/ litre. Where is the logic?

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