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Call to reduce speed limit

Tauweru resident Tim Jenner says the road speed limit of 100kmh through the village is too fast. PHOTO/HAYLEY GASTMEIER

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Tim Jenner says every time he pulls out of his property it is like playing a lottery with his life.

“I’ve almost been taken out of my driveway at least 100 times, without exaggeration, when pulling out.”

The Tauweru resident and father of two said lives were being put at risk with the 100kmh speed limit running through the small community.

Mr Jenner said logging trucks came “screaming” along Masterton Castlepoint Rd on a regular basis, and he and other residents wanted the speed limit reduced to 70kmh.

“We’ve been going to the council for the past three years to try and reduce the speed limit through here.”

However, he claims he was told the fact that there were no schools or shops meant a speed reduction was not warranted.

“There’s been some very close calls lately, especially in the summer and holiday period, and someone’s going to get killed there.

“I don’t want it to get to that point — there’s enough deaths on the road without adding.”

Vehicles were using the road through the village as a ‘passing lane’, enhancing the danger, he said.

And sometimes the road was being “used as a drag strip”, with car going “at least 150kmh”.

Mr Jenner said he feared for the safety of his children, aged eight and 10.

Native woodpigeons were also falling victim to the situation.

“Last year we lost five, and this year we’ve already lost three.

“Cars just come flying up over the hill and take them out.”

Masterton Deputy Mayor Graham McClymont said he was sympathetic to Mr Jenner’s concerns and understood them first-hand.

Mr McClymont said he was involved in a near miss with a logging truck after installing a water tank at Mr Jenner’s property.

“It is a really bad spot and personally I think something should be done.”

But changing the road speed could not be done at the drop of a hat.

He said there was strict criteria and legislation that Masterton District Council had to follow.

Mr McClymont said the council last year indicated it would gauge vehicle movement on the road.

A council spokesperson  said a traffic count and speed analysis would be undertaken in the area in the New Year.


  1. “But changing the road speed could not be done at the drop of a hat.”

    “A council spokesperson said a traffic count and speed analysis would be undertaken in the area in the New Year.”

    Here’s hoping your counting and processes will be done in time before a life is lost! It doesn’t take an Einstein to work out that the number of cars has dramatically increased. You could also do numbers (which you have) on the number of new permits given for building to work out the growth of Riversdale and Castlepoint as well as the amount of forestry work.

    Just do it.

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