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CDC has eye on an EV van

Carterton District Council [CDC] has the purchase of a new electronic utility van for the Events Centre on this week’s council agenda.

The $82,000 vehicle is one of a number of alternatives being considered to replace the current 22-year-old van, described in a report before the council as “increasingly unreliable”.

It has needed multiple repairs over the past year and has broken down twice while in use, including on the Wellington motorway, which caused disruption to traffic and led to a costly tow.

“Continued use is driving up costs, both financially and in terms of lost time,” the report says.

The Events Centre needs a cargo van to transport equipment to offsite events like the recent wastewater treatment reservoir opening.

The report notes CDC policy and requirements relating to commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a desire to make environmentally sustainable choices.

Options before the council include a fully electric transit van or a diesel internal combustion engine alternative.

The report notes a risk with the diesel option is that few are manufactured, leading to the likelihood of delayed delivery. While the upfront cost of the diesel vehicle is less than the EV, increasing fuel costs as well as increased fossil fuel regulation mean there would be an unquantified downstream cost risk.

A further option on the table is a light truck.

However, only one current staff member has the necessary driving licence for such a vehicle.

The CDC fleet management strategy seeks to use EV or hybrid vehicles where possible.

CDC officers have recommended the council buy the battery-powered EV, available immediately and with lower ongoing operating costs.

The report notes that CDC has adopted the Ruamahanga Climate Change Strategy, which has reducing greenhouse gasses as a target. It also notes CDC needs to show it is prepared to decarbonise in the same way it is encouraging the community to do.

Officers are looking for an additional $82,000 from council general reserves to fund the purchase.

CDC will consider the issue at its meeting next week.


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  1. This is a joke $82k for a EV or a hybrid that probably last about 10years. Put rates up because? You have these ideas that should be funded by fund raising not rate payers being used as a cash cow. Get back to basic council work, and why don’t you reduce staff and save rate payers some money.

  2. The starting point has to be confirming the size/capacity of the vehicle that is required to do the job. The issue of relevant driver license is irrelevant to the core purchase decision. Size the vehicle then shop for the most economical and reliable option. Is leasing a better proposition for a commercial entity?

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