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Local Focus: SPCA Masterton is having kittens

By Ben Carter, Local Focus video reporter.

Gavin might be the largest goat to have ever set foot in Wairarapa, but if you want to witness the sheer scale of this horse-sized bovid, you’re too late.

The benevolent cloven hooved beast has already found a home through SPCA Masterton.

However, there is no shortage of felines according to centre manager Rebecca Johnston, who is preparing for kitten season.

“Very shortly they will be coming in, in really big numbers. So that’s when we’re just… lots of foster homes is what we need.”

But with great cuteness comes great responsibility.

Many of the newborn kittens who arrive at the SPCA are sick and require intensive veterinary care.

“Some of them might need bottle feeding or just, you know, a little bit more kind of care around the clock than a older kitten.

“It’s lots to organise, lots of desexing and then then the rehoming” she said.

And it’s not just cats who want our attention.

“We are struggling a little bit to re-home the canines that we have in our care. So we’ve had some dogs in our care for a little bit longer than normal. The dogs at the moment we have are amazing.

“It’s just taking a little bit longer to find that perfect match for them.”

Johnston believes the cost of living is one of the barriers to re-homing animals at the SCPA.

“People are finding it quite a struggle to look after themselves and their families and dogs are becoming a bit of a luxury that people can’t afford.

“That can be a challenging time for us because we don’t necessarily have the room to take on all of these animals.”

Johnston has a piece of advice for pet owners to help mitigate the challenges SPCA is currently facing.

“The biggest one would be desexing your pet, so that we’re not actually dealing with any of these or many of these unwanted litters or the volume of animals that are coming in to us,” she said.

If you don’t already have a pet, you can help too by signing up to be a foster carer.

“You’re just essentially helping an animal transition into a new home rather than being in the centre.

“There is an online form on the SPCA website, or you can pop into your local centre and fill out a foster form.”

To become a foster carer or foster home, visit the link here.

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Ellie Franco
Ellie Franco
Ellie Franco is Wairarapa’s Local Focus video journalist. She regularly covers in-depth stories on arts, culture, people, health, and the occasional pup.

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