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Star-struck selfie after quick alcohol ID check

A staff member at a popular local eatery ended up enjoying a selfie with an international celebrity after insisting on seeing his ID when he tried to buy a beer.

Just after 11am on Sunday, a patron wearing a hoodie entered Featherston bar and restaurant Brac and Bow, and asked bar manager Debbie Sinclair “what beers we had on tap and whether we did fries”.

After commenting that “you look like Ed Sheeran” – an observation that elicited “a little giggle” from the young man – Sinclair asked to see his ID to ensure he was old enough to drink, in line with host responsibility rules.

He offered his credit card, but Sinclair was adamant: “I don’t want to see your credit card; I want to see your ID,” she said.

Laughing, the familiar-looking stranger said, “I am who you think I am,” pointing to the name on his credit card.

At this point, Brac and Bow owner-operator John Richards joined the discussion and the identity of the patron was quickly confirmed as the world-renowned ‘Shape of You’ singer-songwriter.

There were no hard feelings about the lack of instant recognition, with Sheeran and his party staying for about half an hour.

Keen to get a memento of her close encounter of the star kind, Sinclair couldn’t resist asking for a selfie when she delivered his order.

Sheeran was only too happy to oblige, calling for her to “‘come over here and bring your phone” before he left so she could take a snap of the two of them together.

Sheeran performs in Wellington at the Opera House today and tomorrow and at Sky Stadium on 1 and 2 February as part of his international tour.

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