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Climate Watch Briefs – 17 Feb 2024

Whale of a day

World Whale Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of every February to raise awareness about the importance of whales and their conservation. World Whale Day was first established in Maui, Hawaii back in 1980 by the Pacific Whale Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting marine mammals and their habitats. Whales are some of the largest creatures on Earth, and they play an essential role in our oceans’ ecosystems. They help regulate the food chain, support the growth and health of phytoplankton, and distribute nutrients throughout the ocean. Additionally, whales are a vital part of many cultures worldwide and have been revered for centuries.

Unfortunately, whales face many threats, including hunting, entanglement in fishing gear, and climate change.

Oceans of water

In a groundbreaking study reported in the science journal Joule, MIT [United States] and Chinese researchers have described a revolutionary, affordable, sustainable drinking water solar desalination system inspired by the ocean’s natural processes. This innovative technology aims to transform seawater into drinking water through a completely passive device powered by the sun. The heart of this innovation is a single-stage design resembling a thin box equipped with an evaporator layer on the top half and a condensing layer on the bottom half. In the most basic terms, this system utilises the sun’s heat to evaporate seawater, leaving salt behind. The resulting water vapour is then condensed into pure drinking water. This will be particularly valuable for off-grid, remote communities where seawater is readily available or areas where available groundwater has a high mineral or salt content, making it undrinkable.


  1. We already have that in some countries and it didn’t take a climate committee to think about it know?. Go back to your Hollywood studio 🎙 and dream up something else and change us millions for.

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