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Wairarapa Midweek


  1. Hi. I live at 17a Bennington Street and constantly get missed out of the midweek.
    There is no reason why. I have a mailbox with the number on it.
    I am the only house on my side of the road.
    I would appreciate your assistance. Thanking you.

  2. Beat this, a small gathering out at Gladstone Pub today for three very special ladies, who first me at James Smith Cuba Street. Wellington in 1976 and still the best of mates. It was Adele’s 75th Birthday the day before so more reason to celebrate that interesting life!!
    I came back from my homeland. England in October 1976 after nearly five years. Met up with two very special folk, and today still the best of friends, they are also my daughters God Mothers, sadly Sarah couldnt make it this weekend to join us for my birthday celebration, one couple had a three hour journey to join us, Napier, the other couple live in Carterton, also had a special friend from Wellington drive up for the luncheon at Gladstone Pub. sat outside in the lovely garden, weather was awesome.. I always say, choose your friends carefully, they should last a lifetime… 42 years on with us eh! They worked for me at James Smith in the Girls School Dept. long may the friendship last!

  3. Readers Digest in the past, and the Internet now, are full of ’10 Myths about…’ offerings which are typically not real myths, but made up comments which enable the writer to express a personal opinion.
    Many of them are done in good faith.
    The ‘Suicide Myths’ article in todays Midweek is a case in point.
    One of the suggestions is to ask someone if they are suicidal. Really!
    Here is a conversation with a teenager – “Where are you going?” – “Out”. “No, really I am interested.” “Just out!”.
    You can’t address a complex issue like suicidal thoughts with trite myth/fact presentation. I can guarantee that most people who are in the sort of bad place that makes suicidal thoughts an option, would have the reaction “what do they know!”
    The last ‘Fact’ talks about a desire to die. Suicide is not a desire to die. It is a conclusion that whatever death is it will be an end to unbearable life.

    Please Note – I offer this for publication, but only if it can be published anonymously. I need to say that this is not addressing a personal state of mind, but is the result of close personal experience.

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