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Public thoughts on bat man

Following Tuesday’s Times-Age article about a Masterton father who took a baseball bat to a man prowling around his property late at night, reporter KATE JUDSON asked members of the public what they believed an appropriate response would be.

Jayden Anthony

Good on him – if it was on his property and his son was around, you got to protect your family. I’ve been to jail myself, and I’ve done some bad stuff, but I am changing my life around. Most of the crimes that I committed I went to jail for, but they were protecting my family for the same thing. I reckon that in this day and age, a man can’t protect his own family and property with the legal system.

Gracyn Evans

I think it’s pretty scary that something like that is happening around here in Masterton. Good on him for defending himself. I would like to say that I would kind of do the same thing but it’s easy saying that without being in the situation. Especially having a son, you would do whatever you could to look after him.

Justin Chand

I mean, like, fight or flight, leaning towards more of the fight, I would probably do the same thing as he did. Crazy – I didn’t think that anything like that would be happening in Masterton of all places.

Josh Gordon

Probably turn to good old 111, confront him, but do my best not to beat him with a bat, if that makes sense.

Helen Beckford

If someone broke into my house and I felt threatened I would do the same thing. He had every right to do that as far as I am concerned – the guy was on his property unlawfully.

Tuakana Couch

Kids and family would be my main concern. If I’ve got kids and stuff in the house and someone’s coming over two nights in a row, I wouldn’t be too happy.

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