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Clothes part of room service

Japan Airlines has launched a pilot project to let international travellers rent sets of clothing. Their ‘Any Wear Anywhere’ rental clothing service offers a range of clothing choices which start at less than $30 for two bottoms and three tops. Travellers can rent as many as eight outfits for up to two weeks. All rentals are delivered directly to where the visitor is staying. The service will reduce the weight of cargo carried on flights and, consequently, carbon emissions. The airline has already reported that for each kilogram less of weight on a flight from Tokyo to New York, carbon emissions are reduced by 0.75 kilograms.

Breakthrough with casein

A Californian company is producing plant-based foods that are indistinguishable from their animal-based counterparts. The company uses artificial intelligence to identify and isolate plant-based proteins to make new vegan food products. Their first, a plant-based casein, is made from a proprietary blend of plant proteins fermented to create a product with the same structure, function, and taste as dairy casein. Casein accounts for roughly 80 per cent of the protein in milk, cheese, and yogurt and the company’s plant-based casein is free of hormones, antibiotics, or top food allergens. The process produces this protein sustainably, at scale and a similar price to dairy casein. With industrial animal agriculture contributing to considerable global warming and depleting the Earth’s resources, this scientific breakthrough represents a significant win for the planet and a milestone for adoption of dairy alternatives.

Roger Parker
Roger Parker
Roger Parker is the Times-Age news director. In the Venn-diagram of his two great loves, news and sport, sports news is the sweet spot.

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