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Farterton II: Return of the awful odour

A familiar but ungodly smell returned to Carterton this week.
Carterton District Council [CDC] said it was the time of year again when the heat was causing odour issues at the wastewater treatment plant.
It said the plant operated 24/7, 365 days per year.
“So why does it smell sometimes? Well, sewage is a pretty smelly subject anyway.”
CDC said a fine balance of biochemistry stopped bad odours from travelling most of the time.
“However, if that balance is removed by weather changes or chemicals in the network, it will impact the ponds.”
“We need enough anti-poo particles to balance it out, but when the sun comes out, it brings a poo-nami.”
It said pond one had the deepest sludge layer, so therefore the shallowest water level, and turns quickly once the heat hits.
CDC said one of its aerators was out of action pond one.
“The fart fan has crapped out, but the poo patrol will be here quick fart so we won’t be up sh** creek anymore.”
CDC first drew attention to a stench lingering about the town in June last year.
Residents were concerned their properties would lose value as the smell remained.
CDC said the treatment ponds off Dalefield Rd had received a heavy load of “non-wastewater” through its pipes network in 2021.
Council workers had pumped wastewater containing live bacteria from one pond to another to treat the bacteria-free water.
They stirred up the wastewater to provide oxygen for the bacteria to survive.
A direct result of disturbing the surface of the wastewater ponds was a sulphuric smell that had plagued residents in the week since.

Grace Prior
Grace Prior
Grace Prior is a senior reporter at the Wairarapa Times-Age with a keen interest in environmental issues. Grace is the paper’s health reporter and regularly covers the rural sector, weather, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and coastal stories.

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