Husband returns from the war and ‘drops a bombshell’ on his wife

Ethel Barr talks about when her husband, George returned from the war.

Pregnant woman stops raid on hotel

Ethel Barr, talks about life in Wairarapa during the war, how it affected her German friend and how she stopped a raid on a hotel.

Jack Bull and his failed raid on his neighbours

Jack Bull recounts his attempted raid at the age of 4 when he tried do his part for the...
Bill Jamieson recalls WWI (excerpt)

Bill Jamieson recalls WWI (excerpt)

In January 1917 Bill Jamieson joined the army, leaving New Zealand on the ‘Pakeha’ in April of that year, and arrived back in New Zealand on the ‘Raranga’, two years and four days later. When interviewed as a 97-year-old in 1991, he said he enjoyed spending time in...