Nick from Masterton District Council animal services team with two of the goats found wandering last week. PHOTO/EMMA BROWN


Three goat escape artists were captured after Masterton residents found them munching on their garden.

“They just wanted to do goat stuff,” Nick, from Masterton District Council Animal Services said.

Nick said the one-year-old beige male goat was found enjoying a lady’s garden along York St.

“He gave me a buff or two as he tried to go by.”

Another male was found enjoying more flowers along Patea Pl and a female goat was found wandering down by Waingawa River.

Nick said it was “quite unusual” to get three separate calls for goats gone wild in one week.

Usually they get a call every one to six months, he said.

“Goats are friendly,” Nick said.

“They are nice creatures and very sociable. We would really like them to go home.”

However, they are good escape artists.

“Goats are very good jumpers and climbers.”

Two of the goats were found wearing collars.

“They are owned by someone – I just want someone to pick them up.”

He said the pound was not equipped to look after goats’ long term as it puts strain on the goats and the facility.

Unless claimed by an owner the goats will be sold at public auction on January 22 at 11am.