Wairarapa College student Isaac Sears, and e Kura Kaupapa Maori students Anahera Te Tau and Logan Niania put together a bridge. PHOTO/ELI HILL


Around 50 year 10 students from around the region have received a taste of tertiary study.

The first of the ‘My Vocational Pathways Taster Days’ was held at UCOL Wairarapa and consisted of six 45-minute interactive workshops.

Workshops covered exercise and sport, beauty, hair, construction, automotive, health, hospitality, business administration, early childhood education and animal care.

Activities were designed to help the students see how their strengths, interests and achievements could relate to study options and job opportunities.

REAP Wairarapa school’s liaison officer Trudy Sears said the workshops helped to inspire and engage the students.

“It is sometimes just as valuable for students to know what career pathways they definitely do not want to follow, as much as finding out where their passions lie.

The taster days will also allow students to get a feel for what UCOL has to offer and what they can study while at school through the STAR and Trades Academies programmes.”

The Wairarapa Careers Teachers event was supported by REAP Wairarapa who administered the event in collaboration with UCOL Wairarapa.

A second session will be held next Friday.