Tracey Collis. PHOTO/FILE

Elected representatives in Wairarapa are enjoying their annual pay rise, courtesy of the Remuneration Authority, with in one case, a more than 10 per cent increase.

The authority reviews elected members’ remuneration annually, with the latest increase the first of three steps towards realigning councils to their respective rankings based on size.

For district councils, increases are generally in the 6-8 per cent range, but the mayoral salary for Tararua District Council has increased by more than 10 per cent, to $96,136.

From next year, remuneration will be based on a “governance pool” determined by the authority, also aligned with the size of each council. Councils must allocate the entire pool.

“We understand that in any community there will be pressure to keep rates down . . . we feel it is important that councils are protected from such pressure,” the authority says in guidance on remuneration setting.

The remuneration of Greater Wellington Regional Council’s chair increased four per cent to $168,437, with the deputy chair and committee chairs receiving a rise of just under one per cent, to $90,243. As chair of the

Wairarapa committee, Adrienne Staples’ remuneration has also increased just under one per cent to $76,932.

New pay rates for elected members of councils and community boards have been set by the Remuneration Authority. Councillors may also receive additional remuneration if they are committee chairs or members. The pay rates have been backdated to July 1.

Masterton District Council
Mayor: $102,740 up 6.7%
Less $2351.35 for the value of partial private use of mayoral car.
Deputy Mayor: $37,730 up 8.6%
Councillor: $26,950 up 8.6%

South Wairarapa District Council
Mayor: $77,209 up 6.8%
Deputy Mayor: $31,010 up 7.3%
Councillor: $18,314 up 7.3%
Community board chair Featherston, Greytown and Martinborough: $6379 up 1.5%
Community board member Featherston, Greytown and Martinborough: $3190 up 1.5%

Carterton District Council
Mayor: $70,920 up 6.2%
Deputy Mayor: $24,318 up 6.3%
Councillor: $18,708 up 6.0%

Tararua District Council
Mayor: $96,136 up 10.4%
Less $3627 for the value of full private use of mayoral car.
Deputy Mayor: $37,127 up 6.4%
Councillor: $26,519 up 6.4%
Community board chair Eketahuna: $7406 up 1.5%; Dannevirke: $11,427 up 1.5%
Community board member Eketahuna: $3704 up 1.5%; Dannevirke: $5713 up 1.5%