St Teresa’s School pupils Benjamin Eberlein, Willow Harcourt, Rose Barry and Cassidy Gawler at the Donald’s Creek restoration project. PHOTO/MARCUS ANSELM


Featherston pupils led their community in showcasing an environmental project in the town.

St Teresa’s School pupils and staff were at the town’s Donald’s Creek on Saturday to celebrate their work.

The project is aimed at improving habitat, returning native fish species, and encouraging community connection to a neglected and forgotten waterway.

The school partnered the Department of Conservation, the Mountains to Sea Wellington group, and other organisations to provide presentations, food, and entertainment.

“At St Teresa’s School, we are proud of the students in Remutaka who have shown such passion and initiative for the reformation project and their teacher Liz Lark who goes to great lengths to support her students,” principal Jennifer Muth said.

“Thank you to the Featherston community who got involved in this event.

“Thanks also to all the organisations who contributed their time and knowledge.

“Special thanks to Siv Fjaerestad, Zoe Studd, and Liz for the hours of work that went into organising this event.”

The Whitebait Connection, Mountains to Sea’s freshwater education programme, has helped school pupils develop a restoration plan.

The plan aims to encourage new species to the stream, make the river cooler, with more oxygen and a better current, and attract people to use the surrounding area.