Emily Ireland

A Masterton woman living with Parkinson’s would like to thank a perfect stranger who helped her out this month when she fell over at a crossing.

Ruth Sutherland was walking across the pedestrian crossing outside Entice Café and New World in Masterton when she fell over, hitting her face and hurting her hands.

“The lady who stopped to let me across the crossing had got out of her car and asked, could I help you?,” Ruth said.

“But a male voice behind me said, no it’s all right, I’ll pick her up.

“I saw this arm come around with this brown jersey and a hand. That’s all I saw.”

The man then took Ruth to the café and bought her a coffee but then disappeared.

“I didn’t really know what he looked like,” Ruth said.

“But I just want to thank him for being nice enough to care.

“The more I thought about it as time went by, I thought, he needs to be thanked.

“He didn’t have to come out and pick me up, but he did.

Ruth said her Parkinson’s meant she was “prone to falling at times” and was thankful for the stranger’s help.

“It was something somebody did that they didn’t have to do.”

Ruth said she was also thankful for her friend Pauline for staying with her after the incident and making sure she was okay.