It was a big day for Featherston on May 24, 1975, when South Featherston School celebrated its 75th Jubilee.

As is the practice for school reunions official photographs were taken of the former pupils according to the decade in which they attended.

The Times-Age has been supplied with two photographs of the jubilee, the one below being of the pupils who attended the school in the years 1919-28, and who were back in class on jubilee day.

Back row (from left) Tim Simmonds, Onslow Daysh, Carl Jepson, Nev Woodley, Russel Parker, Stan Hodder, Manuel Benton, Jim Foss, Tom Udy, Tom George, Jack Willis, Tom Gain, Phil Willis.

Second row (from left) Roddy McDonald, Ted Tyer, Arthur Simmonds, Elman Benton, Ted Henderson, Mac Hodder, Pop Simmonds, Harry Fryer, Jim Simmonds, Ike Jensen, Gordon Udy, Norm Woodley.

Third row (from left) Hughie McDonald, Joyce Ashworth, Ngaire Tocket, Madge Willis, Eileen Thurston, Muriel Hannam, Winnie Carter, Jean Brash, Ailsa Gunderson, Jean Burt, Neville Stark, Hec Smith, Jim Houghton.

Front row ( from left) Ngaire Gain, Kathleen Gain, Jean Daysh, Kathleen Galyer, Ismay Simmonds, Cissie Simmonds, Thelma Daysh, Thelma Jepson, Grace Brash, Flo Land, Eunice Murphy, Marjorie Tocker, Dawn Benton, Margaret Foss.