Masterton Primary School pupils were happy to have a generator providing power for their classrooms on Thursday.  PHOTOS/TOM TAYLOR

Powerco workers repair a power pole in Masterton after a car crashed into it on Thursday morning.

A car crashed into a power pole early Thursday morning in Masterton, cutting power to 93 properties in Kuripuni, including Masterton Primary School.

But school remained in session for the day thanks to a generator supplied by Powerco.

Police were called to the single-vehicle crash just before 5am on South Rd.

The power lines were downed, but the road was not blocked, a police spokesperson said.

A Wellington Free Ambulance spokesperson said two people were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Masterton Primary School caretaker Ant Feringa said the generator was “quite handy”.

“Otherwise, we might have had to shut down.”

Powerco workers were finishing repairs to the power pole early in the afternoon, and power had been restored to the area by 3pm.