Solway Primary School pupils getting ready for road patrol. PHOTO/TOM TAYLOR


A primary school principal is pleased with the changes NZTA has planned nearby, including a roundabout and a pedestrian crossing.

“It is pretty much everything we have asked for,” Solway Primary School principal Mark Bridges said after hearing of the proposed changes on Monday.

Solway Primary School was 200 metres north of the State Highway 2-Ngaumutawa Rd intersection.

Bridges said a raised pedestrian crossing near Ngaumutawa Rd would benefit pupils who lived across the highway.

Pupils who lived in nearby Solway Cres  had to walk to the pedestrian crossing near the Solway Caltex service station if they wanted to cross safely – a walk of 650 metres in the wrong direction.

Many parents opted to drive their children to school instead.

“They have really struggled to find a safe way to get over the road,” Bridges said.

“That pedestrian crossing will be really good for them, being able to actually walk here.”

He said businesses would also benefit from the changes, with more pedestrian accessibility.

The pedestrian crossing was planned for the east side of a new roundabout at Ngaumutawa Rd.

Raised platforms would slow traffic approaching the roundabout.

NZTA had also proposed new pathways for cyclists and pedestrians on the sides of the road.

In the past two years, NZTA held meetings for community consultation in the school hall.

“I think they’ve actually taken on board just about everything that we have suggested.”