Masterton Motorplex manager Bob Wilton. PHOTO/FILE


Masterton Motorplex is asking people to be vigilant after several scam Facebook pages popped up offering tickets to its events.

The pages, which advertised tickets for events such as the 2020 Rapanats and the National Drag Racing Championships, linked to an Australian website, manager Bob Wilton said.

“Meremere Dragway in Auckland is having the same problem – they’ve got a meeting this weekend called the Wellington Invasion where cars from the lower North Island go up and they’re scamming
them too.

“I wonder if it’s because we’ve had a really big meeting in January and they’ve thought hey there’s money to be made somehow.”

The scam pages were noticed on Tuesday night, and the Motorplex’s ‘web man’ Justin Hansen was working to get the pages shut down.

Wilton said it was the first time the Masterton Motorplex had been targeted.

“Get them from the right site – we do not sell tickets online for the Masterton Motorplex, end of story.

“But for the last meeting of the season the company – Airflow that is bringing the cars here, they are selling tickets and they started selling the tickets at Christmas time.”

People looking to buy tickets to the Airflow event should do so at

Tickets for other events are sold at the Masterton Motorplex gates.