The gardening team who started planting at the northern roundabout on Monday. PHOTOS/ELI HILL


The long-awaited planting at Masterton’s northern roundabout got off to a flying start on Monday with gardeners making significant headway towards establishing the 1990 plants that will populate the roundabout.

Planting began just after 7.30am and continued through to 4.30pm with a large portion of the roundabout now covered.

The roundabout late Monday afternoon.

Recreational Services gardening specialist Ben Daniels said the crews were aiming to get the majority of the work done on Monday.

“We have three in the gardening team but we’ve called in help from one of the spray operators and some of the lawn mowing guys.

“The soil’s been great for digging, we had flower beds in here beforehand and that meant we cultivated the soil which makes it a lot easier than say, down at the riverbed.”

People had been honking their horns as they passed the gardeners, and some cars had even stopped to tell them they were glad to see the planting.

A Masterton man, Daniels was born a kilometre from where the flowerbeds are and said he took pride in making the roundabout look good.

“The council wanted it done quick so we’re working like demons today. We’ll be coming back tomorrow for maybe half a day.

“I dig holes . . . It’s hard physical labour, but that’s how we get the job done.”