Victor Berezovsky, Waiting at the kerb, 2020. PHOTOS/SUPPLIED

Rob McLeod, The Visitor with the Answer to Everything, Superhero Grasping at nothing and Richter Exposed, 2019.

Two exhibitions opening over summer and autumn at Aratoi will bring a riot of colour, personality and symbolism to Wairarapa.

Rob McLeod and Victor Berezovsky both enjoyed the use of colour and asked viewers to delve into their psyche.

Scotland-born McLeod’s work was cartoony with a serious edge. The Banshee and the Lifeboat challenges traditional notions of painting; climate change, celebrity culture and world politics are conveyed in an exaggerated and ridiculous way, making viewers rethink current global concerns.

Wellington-based Berezovsky’s paintings were more dream-like, strange, and ephemeral. Despite an impressive body of work, Waiting at the kerb would only be his second solo exhibition at a public gallery in
New Zealand.

Both exhibitions would open on Friday, February 19, at 5.30pm. A combined talk for both exhibitions would be held the following day at 11am.

Admittance to the opening and the artist talks would be free.