Ashton Hume, 4, planting a totara with Anna Baird at Westside Playcentre. PHOTO/SAM TANNER

The parents of children attending Westside Playcentre in Masterton rolled their sleeves up over three weeks to build a bushwalk – leaving a legacy for the Masterton centre.

Mum Anna Baird said the native bushwalk had been the result of a long process developing the playcentre grounds over the past five years.

Parents had been really supportive, she said, coming along to working bees.

“The kids are really excited that they’re going to have their own forest.

Each child at the playcentre had “adopted’ a tree, writing their name on a peg near to it, bringing a sense of ownership in the project.

Mum Anya Ogden who was also volunteering time at the working bee last month said the Westside Playcentre was a “community”.

“This is about the legacy of all the families that have worked hard to make this centre what it is today.”

The project went ahead through a grant from the Roy and Jan Mace Trust through the Nikau Foundation. Carters donated all the wood for the edging, and Nic Ellis and Kiwi Lumber donated wood chips.