Masterton Mayor Lyn Patterson rolling the first bowl on the new carpet weave green at Queen Elizabeth Park on Sunday. PHOTOS/JADE CVETKOV


Members of the Masterton Park and Lansdowne Bowling Clubs will enjoy year-round bowling on their new all-weather green.

The new Greengauge carpet weave green at their joint Queen Elizabeth Park facility was officially opened by Masterton Mayor Lyn Patterson on Sunday.

Costing more than $200,000, the all-weather surface will significantly reduce maintenance costs for the two clubs who have struggled to maintain their membership in recent years.

The Park and Lansdowne bowling clubs’ new all-weather surface.

The Masterton Park Bowling Club which has 30 members, and the Lansdowne Bowling Club with 16 members, started using the same facility last year after the Lansdowne club’s green in Roberts Rd was sold.

Park Bowling Club president Roger Hoar said the new green would provide almost perfect bowling conditions.

“The laying was very precise,” Hoar said. “It was all done by GPS and there’s no more than one millimetre of difference across the whole green. The rain doesn’t affect it and it handles frosts.

“There are eight rinks and we can easily change the layout to suit whatever events we have on.”

He hoped the new facility would help attract new members to the clubs.