Trustees of Masterton Community Trust, left to right, Mena Antonio, Karl Taucher, Jock Kershaw, Lucy Griffiths, Brent Goodwin, Bex Johnson. PHOTO/KAREN COLTMAN

Griffiths gets deputy role


Karl Taucher is the new president of the Masterton Community Trust, having had his nomination for the job seconded by Jock Kershaw, its most recent president and a director of Trust House Ltd for 12 years.

Mena Antonio was the nominator.

Brent Goodwin nominated Lucy Griffiths but there were no seconders, so Taucher was considered elected.

Taucher moved into the chair and ran Tuesday’s meeting.

He firstly thanked trust members for their support and said it was a privilege to be elected and he hoped he and the members would continue to support Trust House in its work and to grow the business.

Both he and Kershaw made special mention of how well Bex Johnson had polled and congratulated her on this.

“It is nice to see you here and clearly your high polling result means you have the support of the people,” Taucher, who has been an elected member of the trust since 2007, said.

The Masterton Community Trust was formerly the Masterton Licensing Trust.

Lucy Griffiths was nominated for deputy president by Kershaw and this was seconded by Mena Antonio.

There were no other nominations and she took up this position.

This matter was not decided at the open part of the meeting