By Chelsea Boyle

The ‘buddy seat’ may be new to Kahutara School but it is already showing positive effects in the playground.

Deputy Principal Charmaine Taplin spotted the idea on Facebook and thought it would be great for the school.

“It’s a seat [the pupils] can go to if they need a buddy,” she said.

The kids know to look out for someone sitting on the chair, and invite them to join in play.

Of course, the duty teacher keeps an eye out as well.

It works in with the school’s philosophy to encourage younger and older pupils to support each other.

“That’s why people love this school,” she said.

“Kids of all ages play together.”

If you were in a playground, starting as a little five-year-old in a school with big grounds, it could be hard to know where to go, she said.

“It gives them something they can do about it – it’s proactive.”

The buddy seat also teaches the children how to look after each other and make friendships – which are important life skills.

The chair was made for the school by Featherston Henley Menz Shed and has been on site for a couple of weeks.