Andy Bearpark’s Featherston retreat is ready after several setbacks. PHOTO/FILE


Andy Bearpark’s tranquil Featherston retreat is on hold until he can find the right person to steer the ship.

The former chief of staff to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had plans to open a yoga hideaway at his Renall St property in 2016.

However, his dream was put on hold when a fire ripped through and destroyed the newly renovated house.

Not long after, Mr Bearpark was set back again when he suffered a stroke.

Following on from his recovery, he forged ahead in 2017, rebuilding and redecorating his home.

Now he is on the hunt for the right person to manage the retreat.

“Since the stroke I just don’t seem to have the energy to get things done myself,” Mr Bearpark said.

“I’m happy moseying along meditating and that, but I need someone with a bit more energy than me.”

He said the ideal person would be passionate.

“They can take the profit, I don’t have a problem with that — they can make a real go of it.

“I’ll provide the facilities, and they can run the courses and do whatever they want to do.”

As soon as he found the ideal candidate, the retreat could open its doors.

The property had been decked out to offer day courses in yoga, meditation, and a purpose-built kitchen meant Ayurvedic cooking could be explored.

When Mr Bearpark moved to South Wairarapa a few years ago, he adopted a lifestyle worlds removed from his previous life as a highflying British public servant.

In August 2016, weeks after the blaze, Mr Bearpark launched a self-published memoir.

It covered off how he was once responsible for a budget of $18.6 billion, and included stories from his time in Zimbabwe, Kosovo and Iraq.