Mindy, 12, walked 48km from Carterton to Kaitoke to raise funds for two charities that support transgender youths. PHOTO/HAYLEY GASTMEIER

Twelve-year-old Mindy from Carterton successfully walked 48 kilometres over the weekend to raise awareness about the rainbow community.

Setting off from Carterton at 5am, Mindy and her mum, Kylie, walked down State Highway 2 to Featherston, along the cycle track to the Remutaka Rail Trail, and up and over the hill to Kaitoke.

It took the pair 11½ hours to make the trip – and they got wet, as the last five hours of walking was in the rain.

Mindy, who is transgender, did it to raise funds for two charities that support the LGBTQI [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and intersex] communities in New Zealand.

The South End School pupil raised more than $1000 for Gender Minorities Aotearoa and OuterSpaces, and donations are still trickling in.

“The walk was long and hard, but I really appreciate everyone supporting me,” Mindy said after the event.

She had previously told the Times-Age that everyone deserved to be treated with kindness, no matter what gender they identified as.