The inside backs are the focus of Thursday’s look at the possible Wairarapa-Bush team to play the 1985 Auckland side in a virtual NPC First Division semifinal.

Wai-Bush fourth place in 1985 was their best finish in their six years in the NPC, but without semifinals in place, there was no chance to push on and play for a place in a final.

Wai-Bush chief executive officer Tony Hargood wants to get closure on what he called the ‘biggest travesty in Wairarapa-Bush and NZ rugby history’.

He has arranged for a virtual game between Auckland and Wai-Bush to be played at Eden Park at 2.30pm on Sunday and “screened” live on the union’s Facebook page.

Hargood is also encouraging green and red fans to have a bit of fun and pick their own team to compare it with the “official” team.

Each day over this week, the Times-Age is displaying a short list of players from each position.

The halfback, first-five combination throws up some intriguing possibilities

Halfback [two required]: Ritchie Robertson, Bunter Anderson, Bernie Lett, Neil Foote, James Bruce, Inia Katia.

First-five: Mark Bracewell, Phil Rutene, Greg Gray, Craig Pepperell, Patrick Rimene, Glen Walters, Tim Priest.