Bev Wiffen and instructor Kitsch Baldwin during her skydive on Sunday. PHOTO/SUPPLIED


The mother-daughter duo of Bev and Lynn Wiffen have proved that Kiwis can fly – or at least fall – after they completed their jump to raise money for breast cancer research on Sunday.

Their leap was initially planned for April 27 but had to be delayed because of the weather.

Bev, a 74-year-old breast cancer survivor, said that both she and Lynn had nightmares before the jump.

“When we did the jump I was terrified of course, but also it was just this absolutely awesome feeling.

“I had my eyes open, all right. You’re flying like a bird.”

The event also had the pair break their $2000 fundraising goal. As of Tuesday, the pair had raised $2476 on their breast cancer Facebook page with more funds still to come.